Voluntary pension funds

Voluntary pension funds
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The voluntary retirement saving is the only form of saving with two types of state incentives – state incentive funds and tax relief for the employers.
  • The yield of the voluntary pension fund, i.e. earning which the pension company realizes by managing the assets of the fund increases the value of the fund assets members
  • There are no limitations of the membership, regarding the health and age - member may be a person that wishes that 
  • Duration of the membership is not limited in time
  • The member selects the amount, duration and dynamics of payments to the fund 
  • Payments are not obligatory, they depend on the current possibilities of the payer
  • The membership in the fund is not terminated with stopped payments or irregular payments, the existing assets on the account continue to realize yields
  • All the paid funds are the personal ownership of a member, regardless of who was the payer
  • The funds are completely inheritable
  • Use of the pension is possible already from the reached 55 years of age