Raiffeisen closed pension funds

Raiffeisen closed pension funds

Employers, unions or professional associations can establish closed voluntary pension funds. 
By sponsorship over the closed fund, the employer, union or association will enable the employees/ members voluntary pension savings under special conditions in comparison to those that apply for members of open voluntary pension funds. 
The sponsor of the fund is also enabled an active role in planning and implementation of the investment policy of the fund. The role of the sponsor of the fund is realized by participation in the realization of a closed voluntary pension fund and payment of the contributions in the name of the members of that fund.

The Raiffeisen mirovinsko društvo za upravljanje dobrovoljnim mirovinskim fondovima d.d. manages six closed voluntary pension funds:
  • Closed voluntary pension fund Ericsson Nikola Tesla, 
  • Closed voluntary pension fund Novinar, 
  • Closed voluntary pension fund of Hrvatski liječnički sindikat (Croatian Medical Union), 
  • Closed voluntary pension fund T-HT,
  • Croatian Railway Union - Raiffeisen Closed Voluntary Pension Fund and
  • Raiffeisen closed voluntary pension fund.