According to the applicable legal provisions and by the Mandatory Pension Funds Act and HANFA regulations, the pension company may collect the entrance, exit and management fee. On every paid compensation, the insured person pays the entrance fee, and in case of leaving the fund in the time shorter than three years, the insured person pays the exit fee on the total saved assets.

Entrance fee
The entrance fee of the Raiffeisen mandatory pension funds amounts to 0.5% of the paid contribution.

Management fee
For the purpose of managing the assets of the fund, the pension company charges a certain compensation for management to the pension fund. The Act prescribes the management fee.
According to the HANFA's decision, the management fee for 2019 amounts to 0.338% annually from the total assets of the fund.
Exit fee
Exit fee is charged in case when the insured person decides to change the mandatory pension fund, and if at least three years have passed since the first selection. The exit fee, as well as all the other fees, is charged by all the mandatory pension funds.
According to the legal regulations, the exit fee amount to:

  • in the first year of membership 0.8%
  • in the second year of membership 0.4%
  • in the third of membership 0.2%
After three years of membership, the exit fee is not charged.
Depository fee
Depository fee is paid to the depository bank, that is Addiko Bank, Slavonska avenija 6.
According to the Depository Contract, depository fee amounts to 0,022% annually from the total assets of the fund.