How to change Mandatory fund?


The change of the mandatory pension fund and the company managing it is performed in person at the counter of Central Registry of Insured Persons (REGOS) by presenting personal ID. The mandatory pension fund may be changed five work days after the expiration of the previous selection of the mandatory pension fund. The change cannot be made after a pension insurance company has been selected.

To change the Mandatory fund is possible at the counters of REGOS and in the FINA branch offices.
Exit fee is charged in case when the insured person decides to change the mandatory pension fund, and if at least three years have passed since the first selection. The exit fee, as well as all the other fees, is charged by all the mandatory pension funds. 
According to the legal regulations, the exit fee amount to:
•    in the first year of membership 0.8%
•    in the second year of membership 0.4%
•    in the third of membership 0.2%
After three years of membership, the exit fee is not charged.