Raiffeisen mandatory pension funds of C category

By the legal regulations and the expected profile of the risk level, the C category mandatory pension fund is the least risky, but its expected yields will also be lower, so that it is suitable for the oldest members of pension funds – those to be retired soon. 

Value of the accounting unit Raiffeisen the C category mandatory pension fund
Date Value in HRK
17.07.2019. 137,2644

Start date:
End date

Yield in year 2019
Date Yields
from 31.12. 2018. to 17.07.2019. 3,50%

Yield in the last year
Date Yields
from 17.07.2018. to 17.07.2019. 4,89%

The average yield since founding
Date Yields
from 21.08.2014. to 17.07.2019. 6,67%

The yield per year
Date Yields
from 31.12.2014. to 31.12.2015. 8,71%
from 31.12.2015. to 31.12.2016. 7,37%
from 31.12.2016. to 31.12.2017. 6,19%
from 31.12.2017. to 31.12.2018. 2,81%

The description and the methodology of the way in which the yield was calculated:: Nominal yield of the pension fund represents a percentage of the difference between the value of the accounting unit on the first and the last day of the period for which the yield is being calculated.
Note: the results of the business operation of the pension fund achieved in the past periods do not represent an indication and have no impact on the future results of the pension fund. When calculating the yield, all fees and costs of the fund, except for the entrance and exit fees, have been taken into account.