Voluntary retirement savings is the only form of saving in the Republic of Croatia with two types of state incentives:

1)    Tax reliefs to employers for payments of the voluntary pension savings
Payments of the employer of the voluntary pension savings for his employees insurance are not considered a salary up to the amount of 500.00 kuna per month i.e. up to 6,000.00 kuna annually, and the same is a tax recognized expenditure, i.e. expense for the employer.
The same tax treatment of these payments is applied on tax payers that carry out a self-employment activity (artists, craftsmen, etc.), if they pay the voluntary pension savings for their employees or for themselves. 

2)    State incentive funds
On the totally paid contributions of every insured person in one year, the incentive of 15% is approved, but at the most up to 750.00 kuna annually.

The incentive funds added to the personal account of each member of the Fund and represents his personal assets.