Balance on the personal account

Balance on the personal account

The Raiffeisen Pension Company advises its members about the balance on the personal account in several ways:
  • by mail – with each payment of the contributions to the account 
  • by telephone – by calling our call centre
  • by an "automatic" sms message - during every payment of the contributions or another change per the account
If you wish to get the information by the telephone call service, you can do that by calling the toll free info telephone 0800-0900. After you tell your user number and password to the  (PIN), he will tell you the balance and transactions on your personal pension account. The working hours of the operator is on every working day from 8:00-16:00.
By an "automatic" mail or SMS message, you will receive notifications for every payment to your personal account. You will receive the SMS message about the newly arisen change to the display of your mobile telephone or message on your mail. In order that you could use this option, it is important that you gave the correct number of your mobile telephone an correct e-,ail adress in the questionnaire that we sent you after you joined the membership, and that you have opted for this way of notification.
You can check he balance and the transactions on the personal account on our website, after the option - My account -. By entering the user number and password to the  (PIN), you will have access to all the details about the balance and your personal pension account. In that way, you can also change the personal details or the way of reporting.
Besides all the mentioned, the Central Registry of Insured Persons will make available to every member of the B mandatory pension fund, at least once a year, free of charge, a certificate which contains the number of the accounting units on the personal account, the value of the assets that are on the personal account, the category of the pension fund in which those assets are invested, the pension company which manages that pension fund, the dates of payment and the amounts of the contributions which the member of the pension fund had in the corresponding period, the information on eventual transfer to a pension fund of another category in the previous report period, and the possibilities of transfer to a pension fund of another category in the next year.